Ӣ -> Ƶ -> Ӣ -> ˹Ӣ -> б

Brother, come and dance with me
Nursery Rhyme Medley:
Do your ears hang low?
Go in and Out the Window
Mickey Mouse March
Im a little Teapot
Reuben and Reachel
Comin Through the Rye
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone?
Hes Got the Whole workd in his hands.
Down by the station
Funiculi, Funicula
Dry bones
Old Dan Tucker
Yankee Doodle
The wheel on the bus
Cockles and Mussels
Git along, little Dogines
˹Ӣ Ӣĸ ˹Ӱ ר ѧӢʽ